The Stool Competition

Are you up for a challenge? Perhaps as an individual or as a group. A great opportunity for Local Groups to participate. It’s quite a simple task, just make a stool.

The stool needs to be Weald and Downland Living Museum appropriate, specifically suitable for one of four Museum houses. These are:


Bayleaf Farmhouse, early 15th Century, a Wealden hall house for a relatively high status Yeoman farmer associated with ~100acres of land.


Pendean Farmhouse, early 17th Century, a more modest Yeoman farmers dwelling associated with 40acres of land.


Tindells cottage, early 18th Century, a husbandman’s cottage associated with 26acres of land


Poplar cottage, mid 15th Century, a landless labourer, possibly craftsman and/or commoner.

There’s no rush you can start when you like but the stool needs to be completed by 13:00 on Sunday. Plenty of time to visit the four houses and get a feel for them, the people who built and lived in them and their furniture.

Here’s an example of handmade furniture in Tindells, made by the site carpenter Roger Champion.


We’ll supply a pile of suitable wood, both green and seasoned which you can select yourself. No particular start time but they need to be completed by 13.00 on Sunday. A member of the Museum staff will judge them and select a winner(s). A cash prize will be available.


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