Meanwhilst at the Museum



Meanwhile back at the Museum preparations for the Bodgers Ball are in full swing and the kettle is always on…..


In between painting your timber wagon………


Somehow this reminds me of the kits I used to build and paint back when I seemed to have time, except of course this kit is full size.


Just in the nick of time Julian and Guy have not only painted their timber carriage but also put it back together as well. Which is good because we need it to move some timber from the woodyard to the event field for the ball.



Over the weekend the museum will also be putting on some woody demonstrations. Don’t miss the traditional charcoal earthburn. The plan is to light it at around 10am on Friday morning and it will burn through the weekend, hopefully opening it on Sunday.


This wood is being prepared for the burn.


Unlike a metal kiln the wood itself provides the structure of burn, with just a straw (or bracken) and earth covering to prevent it burning away to ash, so carefull preparation of the wood and building of the structure is really important to the yield at the end of the burn.


In the Museum’s woodyard Ben’s steam engine will be powering the rack saw and using the timber crane.


The timber crane is worked entirely by hand and used to move large butts around the woodyard, onto the racksaw and on and off wagons.


At some point over the weekend Ben will be taking off his steam-head and firmly putting on his wheelwright hat as there is wheel which needs tyring. It’s a great event to watch, and even more fun if you get the chance to join in – as long as it goes well!


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